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Our Philosophy

Our creativity and excellence will ensure that each project we handle will go above and beyond expectation. Each client will be met with the utmost professionalism and specialized care to bring their vision to life. Our goal at Uncaptured Entertainment is to provide quality work for quality people.

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Our Team



Kody Mee

Kody Mee has been working in the film industry for 9 years. He's worked on various television series and feature films such as Almosting It. He's also produced, filmed, and edited such projects as the Notus Idaho Reenactment, Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, and the Weiser Idaho Eclipse, among other projects. Kody most recently worked as the director, director of photography, editor, and post production supervisor on the award-winning Parade of Homes Show and award-winning social media campaign for Nitty Gritty RallyX. His hobbies include petting all the dogs and spending time with his family.

Rebecca Paez has been working as a field recordist, sound and music editor, and video editor for 10 years. She received her Bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. She has worked on many feature film and television series, including the award-winning Parade of Homes Show, the popular Holiday Wars on Food Network, Candy Coated Christmas on Discovery+, and Mira Mira on CryptTV. Her hobbies include sleeping, playing with her cats, and spending time with family.


Rebecca Paez


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Kade baker


Kade has been working in the film industry for 6 years as a gaffer, 1st AC, and director of photography. 

He is certified and specializes in shooting with underwater systems, Phantom high speed cameras, MōVI gimbal systems, and vehicle rigging.  

Outside of his work in film, he is also a freelance photographer. His black and white photography has been featured in multiple art shows, while his other work has been published by national brands such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Zupas, the Parade of Homes Show, Tower 28, and more.

Kade has an Associate's degree in Applied Science and a Bachelor's degree in Digital Cinematography. 

Sarah Bjork has delved into all aspects of the entertainment industry, including modeling, acting, film and television production, and design. She has worked on many sets, most recently on the award-winning television series Parade of Homes Show as the line producer and production manager. She is also an accomplished painter and illustrator, with her art commissions being widely viewed on Instagram. Her hobbies include aerobatic flying and dancing.


sarah bjork



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